Behind The Brand

Cobble & Stone


By keeping an open mind, we invite ourselves to be free...



The Designer:   Tara Sims

 My passion for traveling, immersing myself in distant cultures and coming home with something both meaningful and chic has opened many doors for me, both near and afar.  I am inspired by the wisdom, resilience and beauty of the tribesmen and women I have met in Kenya, Tanzania and throughout the archipelago of Indonesia.  I fondly remember the tympanic melodies created by the master silversmith's of Taxco, Mexico as they hand hammered and forged sterling silver into fine pieces of wearable art. 



            Borobudur, Java, Indonesia 

When designing, I strive to create that which will stand out with style and grace, with primitive undertones, with thought provoking class. Sometimes I find my inspiration in the far corners of the earth and sometimes it finds me. 



When in New York,  I am always moved by it's many iconic human portraits of style.  While studying to become a Graduate Gemologist, I fell in love with the fire and brilliance of a well  proportioned diamond, the spell binding color of the Paraiba Tourmaline and the jardin of inclusions seen in a fine Colombian Emerald.