No matter your gender, your race, or the lifestyle that you choose to embrace, the path that you lead, speaks volumes to this world.
Each destination is but a step in the journey.
With a  mission to create iconic jewelry infused with thought provoking class, I combine depth and texture with my passions for humanity, wildlife and travel to decorate your soul.  
 Carve Your Path
Have you ever found beauty when you least expected it?  If you are like me, there have been times in your life when an unplanned fork in the road may have led you to a place of deep meaning and discovery.  The moment of clarity that transformed the way I design jewelry came about in a most unexpected way.  While smoothing out every last imperfection on a simple and classic 18k gold band, my hand slipped and I filed just a little too deep.  Instead of starting over, I decided to take a deep breath and a closer look with an open mind.  The unplanned depth and texture that had just emerged reminded me of how life is not perfect, and how we can choose to rise by learning from the challenges that we face. 
When we open our minds, we invite our souls to be free.
From this point on, I simply let the story of life's ups and downs guide me. As I continued to carve, I began to feel a more meaningful appreciation to the depth and texture of the unique paths that we all lead. Drawn to both visual and tactile reminders,  I continue to design pieces that inspire strength, resiliency and adventurous creativity.  
Like the beautiful cobblestone paths that decorate our world, your depth and texture continue to emerge with every step you take, every storm you weather and every ray of sunshine that warms your heart.